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The Power of Qual Tech™

HARK Connect enables seamless focus group remote viewing and live streaming with powerful features.

Chat & Tagging

Remote viewers interact and engage as if they were in the same room.

Subtitles & Transcription

Viewers never lose what is said because the conversation is captioned (and translated) in real time.

Virtual Glass™

Key contextual information about respondents is superimposed on the screen.

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Transcripts & Video Fast

HARK Connect makes content available faster than ever before so you can be ready for tonight’s debrief or tomorrow’s presentation.

Video in Minutes

Create a video summary reel matched to viewer interest in just 5 or 10 minutes.

Transcripts in Seconds

Transcripts are generated in real time and available for instant export. Real-time translation in any language is also launching soon.

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Less Cost, More Value

For one low price you get access to HARK Connect and the entire bundle of introductory features.


With an easy pay-as-you go pricing model you pay for only the sessions you need.

Group Pricing

Speak with a member of our sales team today to see if you qualify for a Hark Connect trial or volume discount.

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"I can't believe all you get for $500."

New York Facility Owner

"I could be a hero the next day with a video."

Chicago Client

"Immediate transcripts included? Subtitles? Translations? Really?"

Chicago Moderator

Qual Tech™ Features

Live Focus Group Transcription

Live Transcription

Live transcription means that the dialogue is captured in real time and displayed in subtitles on the screen or in a separate box. No more missing what the respondent says. At the end, your full transcript is ready to review and use to create video clips. Standard and custom tags makes it easy to search, edit and annotate the transcript.

Real time subtitle overlay during the session.

Easy tagging for search and edit.

Video Clip Extraction

Clip Extraction

Clip extraction is for creating a video summary reel and is as easy as clicking on the transcript, tags or chat profile to automatically extract. Moreover, you will be able to work across all the session transcripts of the project to create a master summary.

Tagging has never been easier then with our standard or custom tags.

Transcripts are immediate and videos follow in 5 to 10 minutes.

Hark Connect Mobile App

Virtual Glass™

Qual Tech™ places you in the viewing room using the augmented reality of Virtual Glass™ to make the exerience even better! Imagine a realistic view of being behind the glass, only your screen shows you all the critical details you want to keep track of such as respondent occupation or product use? The screen also has a customized dashboard letting you tag, chat and comment to the moderator. Virtual Glass™ is a digital two-way mirror that gives you a control panel for advanced connection and functionality.

Kick back and be in control on any device, anywhere.

Get the most out of your sessions from the back room.

Hark Connect Mobile App

Mobile App (chat, tagging)

The HARK Connect Mobile App is the key to being connected to everyone on the project no matter where they are. Using the screen of your choice (phone, laptop, tablet or tv), you can lean back and chat, tag and organize your content, get ready to edit the video, reference key facts about respondents and send the moderator messages or stimuli.

Tagging is done with the click of standard or customized icons.

Lean back experience for viewing, tagging and chat.


$500 / Focus Group Session

All features are included in one low amazing price. Special pricing is available for one-on-ones, UX, and quantity purchases. We also offer discounts for qualified moderators and facilities.

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Hark Connect Team

Our Vision

HARK Connect was born out of a desire and vision to bring the Qualitative Industry fully into the digital age. By leveraging Qual Tech™ which represents a full array of new capabilities that solve everyday qual problems and workarounds, plus adding soon-to-come new methods and metrics, we are prepping Qual to be a full player in the data analytics revolution. Stay tuned as we roll out advanced new features that will empower you to get access to new frontiers.

Hark Connect Team

Leadership Team

We have a fantastic and talented team of over 50 across three cities of Austin, Chicago and New York with deep expertise in development, technology, neuroscience, marketing and qualitative research design. Hark Connect was created by our colleagues at MediaScience® who are right now busy at work at HARK Connect 2.0 and 3.0 with new, amazing features and capabilities coming later in 2020.

Duane Varan

Dr. Duane Varan

Founder and CEO

Dr. Duane Varan is founder and CEO of HARK Connect and parent company, MediaScience®, a global pioneer in lab-based research integrating biometrics, facial coding, eye tracking, reaction time testing and other new advanced methods in better understanding the emotional dimensions of human response. Dr. Varan is the recipient of numerous awards, over 80 peer-reviewed publications and is an accomplished research pioneer.

Duane Varan

Elissa Moses

Managing Partner

Elissa has research roots that go deep into Qual from her tenure on the client side at Philips, Gillette and Seagram and as a leader in Strategic Planning at BBDO, DMB&B and Grey. Having been on both sides of the glass and also deeply driven by technology, a neuromarketing pioneer as CEO, Ipsos Neuro and Behavioral Science Center, Chief Analytics Officer at EmSense, and a recent MS in Tech Management from Columbia University, she is excited to bring Qual Tech™ to this sector.

Coming Attractions

If you know HARK Connect’s parent company, MediaScience®, you are probably thinking “Where’s the Neuro?” and you would be right.

HARK Connect 2.0 is in the works and soon we will introduce a full array of Neuro and emotional measurement methods geared specifically for Qualitative research. So try HARK Connect, enjoy all the incredible features already, and stay tuned. . .

Coming Soon

Qual Tech lives here!TM

Whether you are involved in focus groups, one-on-ones, UX deep dives, product development or package tests, HARK Connect promises to enhance your experience as never before. Hope to connect soon.